Digital MAP_MAF ENHANCER. The eBay style MAP/MAFs are just simple resistors, which work ok with analog signals, but NOT with the newer frequency modulators. To my knowledge, this is the first combined unit to work with either VOLTAGE OR FREQUENCY (switchable); does away with the need to switch between Highway or City driving like the cheaper stuff. Also, some MAP/MAFS use a voltage increase, not a decrease. Tthis unit is the only one that handles all situations.

The EFIE/MAF combos above are our FIRST choice. That MAF/MAP is designed only for VOLTAGE measurements, not frequency. Generally- most cars and trucks will have at least ONE MAF or MAP that is VOLTAGE adjusted. You can use the above Combos on either one to make it work well. Occasionally, you will run into a car that has both MAF and MAP that are FREQUENCY adjusted. In that rare case- you will need the MAF below in addition to the combo above.

Installation/adjustment instructions included with MAP/MAF enhancer upon purchase.

More details from the manufacturer:

Our new frequency based MAP/MAF enhancer is the first universal MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer. It can be used for devices that output a frequency to the computer, or devices that send an analog voltage signal.

Frequency Type MAP/MAF Sensors

This device works with any standard 5 volt frequency coming from the device, and will attenuate that frequency based on the position of it’s controlling potentiometers. It will work with frequency type Ford MAP sensors. It has worked with all frequency type MAFs it has been tested on. It’s frequency range is from 30 Hz up to 17 Khz. It has been successfully used on a frequency MAF that operated in the range of 7 Khz to 17 Khz.

Analog MAP/MAF Senosrs

There is also an analog port for use with analog voltage types of MAP or MAF. This is the type of device that are currently controlled with MAP enahancers that you can buy from Ebay. Most analog MAF/MAPs need to have the voltage attenuated in order to lean the air/fuel mix. However, some types of MAP/MAF sensor need to have the voltage increased in order to lean the mix. The Ebay MAP enhancers cannot handle this type of of device. However, ours can. By changing one switch position, this device will change from decreasing the voltage to increasing the voltage.

Digital MAP_MAF ENHANCER. Note, if you like having a “dual edge” MAP enhancer, where you have to flip the switch to change from city to highway driving, then you won’t want to use this board. This device was designed to be set up properly for general use, and then left alone. We don’t feel that having to manually change settings while driving is necessary or desirable.

EFIE: The Acronym for Better Performance of HHO device

Digital MAP_MAF ENHANCER. The EFIE is the acronym for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. Why is this important? If you are using HHO generator to catalyze gas efficiency, don’t be surprised if your car is using more fuel as a result. Each vehicle is equipped with a computer (ECU) to ensure that the vehicle is running as it should. When you introduce a gas saver device, the HHO gas is integrated into the engine.

Good so far?


Well, here’s the problem. If the computer in your car feels the extra oxygen injected into its engine, it attempts to balance out the equation by ejecting more fuel. That’s an anathema of what the HHO cell gas savers are trying to do.

The EFIE is the electronic circuit solution to prevent the car from overcompensating. This also makes the maintenance easier. This device has an on and off switch. If you remove the HHO device from your vehicle (particularly during the winter season), you just turn off the electronic fuel injection system so the engine returns to the typical injection mode. When you install back the HHO device, you just set the EFIE back to the “on” position.

We have EFIE for sale to complement your HHO device. What is considered to be normal fuel injection in most engines is actually a very inefficient process resulting to a lot of wastage. The water hybrid will not only boost fuel mileage but also improve the acceleration and efficiency of the engine, resulting to less expense for the maintenance of the car. Ask for our advice on which electronic fuel injection enhancer is best for you.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

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