The Effect of Hydrogen injection on Diesel engine speed –  March 3 2023

Experimental_Investigation_of_the_Effect of Hydrogen injection on engine speed –  March 3 2023


Oxy-Hydrogen gas, H  , is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen produced by water electrolysis. In this work, an experimental exploration was carried out in order to study the effect of the addition of oxy-hydrogen gas into inlet air manifold on speed performance characteristics of a diesel engine at different operating conditions. The experimental work was performed on a test rig comprising a four stroke 5.67 liters water-cooled diesel engine and a Heenan hydraulic dynamometer. Instrumentation included devices for measuring engine speed, load, fuel consumption and inlet air flowrate. The measurements were conducted at 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 rpm. At each speed, the engine load was adjusted to 20%, 40% and 80% from the engine full load which corresponds to engine brake mean effective pressures of 1.55, 3.11, and 6.22 bar, respectively, for Oxy-hydrogen generator supplied Currents of 26A and electrolyte concentration of 25 %.The fuel saving percentage and so the brake thermal efficiency for the H enriched CI engine is more evidently seen at low loads and high-speed conditions. the volumetric efficiency drop was about 5 % at small speeds and reaches to about 2% at higher engine speed
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Friday, March 3, 2023

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