Fuel savings – Fuel Map and Hydrogen on demand systems for engines

Fuel savings – Fuel Map and Hydrogen on demand systems for engines

Fuel-savings Fuel-Map and Hydrogen. Received an interesting question today about how hydrogen systems use the fuel map to deliver fuel savings.

My response was as follows

Hello Rob

The electronic fuel enhancer module is designed to alter the sensor signals from the

  1. Oxygen sensor

  2. Lambda sensor

  3. Manifold air pressure sensor

  4. Coolant temperature sensor

  5. Intake air temperature sensor

And therefore force the engine ecu to choose a leaner fuel map from its registry , which uses less fuel and delivers more power with a leaner mixture.

The advantage of the enhancer module is that it is only operational when it is powered up. Turning off the ower to the unit allows the engine to return to its normal “inefficient” Fuel map.

Running an engine on Hydrogen and oxygen allows the engine to run leaner with far more power with less fuel input. The fuel enhancer forces the engine to inject less fuel and further makes it run leaner . Using Hydrogen injection on a lean fuel map stops the engine overheating due to a number of factors , especially

The enormous increase in the flame speed of the process using hydrogen with the fuel and leading to complete combustion of a smaller fuel charge input followed by adiabatic expansion down the power stroke which in fact cools the engine from within.

Hydrogen and the fuel enhancer work together to use the best fuel-map of the ECU to deliver fuel savings and power increase.

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Gavan Knox

Manging Director Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd



BSc (Physics, Chemistry), BEng (civil), BEd (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering)

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

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