Hydrogen Gains verification from the ” Toman Institute” UK

Hydrogen Gains in fuel economy verification/ certification

Hydrogen Gains in fuel economy verification/ certification.   The Toman Institute is a UK / Irish Based institute which has just released reports and findings on the proven savings of using Hydrogen gas at the 12.5 % ratio, so as to produce fuel savings and reduction of emissions of carbon oxides and particular matter from the exhaust of a diesel fueled engine.

It has been reported that hydrogen injection into the air intake of the diesel engine, pre turbocharger, increases the ignition temperature of the fuel as well as increasing the flame speed and rate of combustion of diesel fuel. This sharp increase in combustion rate results in the fuel being totally burnt at the top of the combustion stroke at a higher temperature so that there is less NOX emissions .

It was found this was very successful at low engine speed in built up city driving

At Higher speeds on the open road it was found that the hydrogen worked with the turbocharger to provide extra oxygen so as to reduce the NOX emissions as well as delivering more power , fuel savings and reduced carbon particular emissions.

Data from these tests will be uplaoded to this website post as soon as it has been released by the Toman Institute.

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

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