Hydrogen Generator for trucks , cars and boats

Hydrogen Generator for trucks , cars and boats

Hydrogen Generators are a reasonably easy device to produce using electrolysis , an electrolyte such as potassium Hydroxide, a Dc Power supply and electrodes such as stainless steel.

Being easy doesn’t make the system efficient in converting electrical energy into chemical energy of Hydrogen gas. The reactant water is a highly stable compound and at a very low enthalpy, making it very difficult to decompose to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.  A number of clowns in the US promoting free energy –  (probably the same US clowns who are anti-vaxers, claiming the govt is trying to change  the DNA in vaccinations) – claim that water has energy that can be easily converted to hydrogen to power trucks etc.

But getting away from discussing “clowns” – back to the methods of Hydrogen generators.  To effectively generate hydrogen  gas , by electrolysis the minimum voltage per cell must be greater than the Oxidation  / Reduction potential of water as well as the voltage or potential  difference due to the internal resistance of the water.    1.23 volts + 0.8 volt due to Resistance.   Using  pure water increases the voltage required to overcome the resistance and unfortunately results in heating of the water  till the point of boiling water as reducing the percentage of the electrical energy converted into hydrogen.

So there are many ways of tackling this issue of wasted energy , the most common being to use an effective electrolyte to reduce the water resistance and reduce the voltage needed for the Redox reaction.  Secondly using  a series of cells to effectively use all the available voltage/ energy available .

13.8 volts input from the alternator means using 2.2 volts per cell for 6 cells = 13.2 volts use and only 0.6 volt overvoltage , heating the water.   I have developed a chemical etching process of the 6 cells in the system that can use the unwanted heat  in the Hydrogen generator to produce more hydrogen and stop thermal runaway— this is part of the Patent which we have for our systems. Next We use a high pressure pumping  system that matches the pressure head supplied by the pump to the pressure head loss through the cells and therefore maintain turbulent flow through the entire height of the electrolysis plates – again increasing the Hydrogen Generator output with minimal wasted heat energy.    Plate spacing is also calculated  and adjusted depending on plate size / area to ensure turbulent flow , rather than laminar flow of the electrolyte past the electrodes.

Our next patented invention point was to develop a power supply that was designed to supply a variable but fixed current  for the system – a power  supply that controlled the current by voltage control , not by current control…. Current control devices need large heat sinks and control the current  flow by passing excess current through a heat sink device that again make the hydrogen generator generate heat and waste energy.  Using the  Patented Power MOSFET device the systems  electrical supply is adjusted by voltage settings of the Power MOSFET and the system runs cool.

These points above are but a few of the parts of HFS Hydrogen Generator system used to Power a vehicle and save fuel , increase Power and engine torque and reduce the emissions of a car, truck, genset, boat or shipping motor.  More specific points are shown of other posts and newsletters on this site.   Please call 0403177183 and let me know if this post answers some of your questions and makes it easier to understand hour our Hydrogen generators work

Keep save , wear masks , keep distance from public , get vaccinated and lets work  together to  beat this covid Pandemic

Gavan Knox

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Friday, January 7, 2022

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