Hydrogen Petrol Mixture SI Engine

Hydrogen Petrol Mixture SI Engine

Hydrogen Petrol Mixture SI Engine.    The threat posed by climate change and the striving for securities of energy supply are issues high on the political agenda these days. Governments are putting strategic plans in motion to decrease primary energy use, take carbon out of fuels and facilitate modal shifts.

Taking a prominent place in these strategic plans is hydrogen as a future energy carrier. Energy stored in hydrogen would be available at any time and at any place on Earth, regardless of when or where the solar irradiance, the hydropower, or other renewable sources such as biomass, ocean energy or wind energy was converted.

The fundamental variations in the times and places of solar energy supply and human energy demands can be overcome using hydrogen.

Hydrogen gas combined with the standard air/fuel mixture increases the mileage. This form of alternative fuel is provided by a hydrogen generator mounted in the vehicle. Once set up is ready, the hydrogen gas (fuel) will be produced from water, an electrolyte compound, and electricity supplied from a battery provided.

Here we are designing a mixed fuel two wheeler engie.ie in a conventional SI engine we are incorporating traces of hydrogen along with gasoline in order to minimize the consumption of gasoline as well as to increase the power of vehicle.

Here in addition, a hydrogen generating unit is made to produce hydrogen .It is actually an electrolysis unit having high grade stainless steel/graphite/semiconductors as electrodes in a closed container and mixture of distilled water & suitable ionic solution (KOH or NAOH) as electrolyte.

Power for electrolysis is taken from an additional battery provided (12V).This battery can be recharged from a dynamo/alternator/motor provided on the vehicle. Recharging process is in such a way that a circuit is provided which includes dynamo/alternator/motor and the battery and which completes only when the brake applies while running.ie in spite of using the energy from the bike alternator directly here waste energy is used for the process of electrolysis


Hydrogen is a fuel with heat content nearly three times that of gasoline. From our work we experimentally found out that the efficiency of an IC engine can be rapidly increased by mixing hydrogen with gasoline. We conducted two tests. Experiment with test rig and a road test with two wheeler.in both cases we observed reduction in fuel consumption.it is a clear evidence that addition of hydrogen along with petrol can results in increase in the power of the engine or increase in mileage.

Moreover the various emissions normally produced from IC engines can be reduced. Thus use of hydrogen in IC engines as a fuel can be considered a huge leap in the field of automobile engineering. In this project we have proved that the mileage of the bike can be increased up to 9-10% by adding hydrogen with the petrol.

Further reading see the following link

(32) (PDF) Hydrogen Petrol Mixture SI Engine | Muhammad Kashif Rana – Academia.edu


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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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