Fuel saver -Hydrogen system- Importance of secure strong Electrical Terminals and connections

Fuel saver -Hydrogen system- Importance of secure strong Electrical Terminals and connectionsElectrical Terminals

Secure strong Electrical Terminals

Many people have asked me how important is it make all electrical  terminals secure ? – secure strong Electrical Terminals

My answer is  always “good electrical terminals and junctions must always be perfect, if not welded terminals, so as to reduce / stop energy losses,,, energy that must be used to generate hydrogen rather than produce heat”

The oxidation/ reduction potential of water to produce hydrogen gas is Locked by Science, Locked by Chemical Thermodynamics, Locked by Electrochemistry, Locked by God (Im not meaning to sacrilegious)  If you do not arrange your system to use this REDOX voltage per cell, then all you will produce is steam.  If you want steam then use a Kettle.

Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to an electric current passed through the water. The reaction has a standard potential of −1.23 V, meaning it ideally requires a potential difference of 1.23 volts to split water

The potential difference of 1.23 volts, is the absolute minimum voltage per cell for the electrolytic reaction, but then there is the voltage required to overcome the internal resistance of the solution.  When everything is taken into account , then 2.2 volts per cell is required to produce hydrogen and oxygen gas in electrolysis- secure strong Electrical Terminals    If fail to provide 2.2 volts for each cell in the system then you cannot produce Hydrogen gas.

Take for example a case when the faulty terminals use 0.4 volts as heat, the voltage drop due to internal resistance of the solution is always 1 volt and therefore less than 1.23 volts is available for the REDOX reaction to produce hydrogen gas.  All you produce is steam

Does this explain the importance of making sure that all electrical terminals are secure and do not waste input voltage as heat

Hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd has solved many terminal risks by MIG welding terminals.  Eg all electrolysis connections in the cells are Mig welded , not just bolted together

In the case of wire junctions that cannot be welded, the bare copper wires must be protected from oxidation and corrosion by  coating wires with protective fluids such as lanoline.  Hydrogen fuel systems also protect wire  connections and at reduce internal resistance of connections by using power ratchet crimpers  and  soldering all crimped wires to connecting terminals

As I have discussed before the key fault of these “Neutral plate arrangements” sold by majority of USA “Hydrogen producer companies” is that many of these companies use up to 101  plates to try and get more gas produced.  These make believe Chemists fail to understand that at 101 plates they actually are trying to have 100 cells.  To get 100 cells operating you need an input voltage of 220 volts…. From a car that only uses a 12 volt battery…. What these cells make is steam and lots of it.

If they use a voltage inverter to ramp up 220 volts and then use 30 amp to make gas then they are trying to get their  battery to generate 220 x 30 = 6600 watts of electrical power…. This is impossible

Call me on 0403177183 or glknox11@live.com  if you would like to learn more.  I am a registered teacher, Physicist, Chemist and Engineer,,, not a “would be, could be” pretend Scientist

Kind regards

Gavan Knox

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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