Magnificent fuel saving hydrogen kit

Magnificent fuel saving hydrogen kits.

Magnificent fuel saving hydrogen kit. Hydrogen fuel systems has developed a New Fuel cell kit that saves between 34% and 44% of fuel used. These test results are for diesel , petrol, gasoline or LPG Fueled Truck, Car, Boat, trawler Genset.

Following highly successful testing by international facilities they recorded enormous savings of Fuel used. Thee savings occur together with increases in engine Power and increasing engine torque. Not suppressing, testing also recorded reduction in emissions and less particular matter from these engines. Tests also show a massive drop in NOX gases produced. See the results as shown in the chart below.

Using hydrogen from our Hydrogen Generators improved engine operation conditions. Using hydrogen also reduced expensive maintenance by making the engines run cleaner

Magnificent fuel saving kits

Engine percentage efficiency increases steadily with increasing engine load. Efficiency was seen to increase from 20% efficiency (without hydrogen) to 35% efficiency (with hydrogen) at 50 % engine load

The engine efficiency increased to from 22% efficiency (without hydrogen) to 40% efficiency (with hydrogen) at 100 % engine load ( see chart below)

Increasing efficiency of the engine using hydrogen as a blended fuel results in massive fuel savings

Magnificent fuel saving hydrogen kit.

More testing of engines, over a range of Engine speeds on the dyno machine, showed power increases of 37% at 2500 RPM to as much as 100% at 4000 RPM.

Increasing the Power output for the engine means the less fuel is required to deliver the power to drive at a selected speed. The power readings on the chart should be multipled x 10 and were taken on a small 4 cylinder Petrol Fueled engine. If a vehicle required 60 HP at 2500 RPM, Using hydrogen can provide the required HP with less fuel.

Extensive Scientific Testing has been performed by SRKAY and ARIA (India) of a range of vehicles , trucks , gensets and boats and have proven savings on fuel and increase in Power / Torque as shown in the graphs above. These tests are performed with vehicles attached to dyno machines which load the vehicles to stop start conditions , highway driving and city driving.

Tests were performed using Gen 10 systems for engines less than 4 litre engine capacity and using Gen 15 systems for engines greater than 4 litre engine capacity. These tests showed great savings as shown on the graphs above , over a wide range of engine RPM and wide range of engine loading conditions.


Currently Gen 10 systems are priced at $3950, While the Gen 15 systems are priced at $4850.

Excellent Discounts are available for bulk orders ( any order more than one) Make the purchase cheaper for you by a group of people Buying 2 or more systems and saving $200 to $400 on the cost of each unit.

Order 6 Units and save $500 on the cost of each unit and free delivery for 3 of the units

Order 10 Units and receive one unit free and free delivery for 5 of the Units.


Contact Gavan on 0403177183 and email your order to Magnificent fuel saving hydrogen kit 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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