Performance Characteristics of Constant Speed Diesel Engine by Using of Hho Gas – july 2021

Performance Characteristics of Constant Speed Diesel Engine by Using of Hho Gas  – July 2021

PPerformance Characteristics of Constant Speed Diesel Engine.    The demand for the fossil fuels is increasing and their availability is less has so, researchers lead to alternative fuels. The combustion quality was improved significantly when use the better design of CI engine and also, altering the parameter of CI engine hence improves the thermal efficiency and indirectly saving in fuel. As a supplementary fuel uses the HHO gas and the HHO gas was produced by the process of water electrolysis. This paper presents the concern with the effectiveness of HHO gas addition and various injection pressures like 160, 180 and 200 bar effect on performance and combustion characteristics of a CI engine. The effect will be shown on the CI engine of the brake thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, indicated thermal efficiency and mechanical efficiency with the use of HHO and variable injection pressure and measure the effect of performance of CI engine

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Monday, August 2, 2021

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