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 Hydrogen Products,     Kits,   Latest  Inventions    and       Videos

1.  What sets our Products apart      patent document, fuel enhancers, installation instructions, system models , photos , applications


Gen 20 Hydrogen system for use in trucks and Gensets
Gen 20 Hydrogen system

2.  Details of our Generation 10, 15 and 20 Hydrogen fuel systems    types of systems, water consumption, PWM power supply units, patented pumps , chemical etching, enclosure boxes

Gen 10 in aluminium enclosure

3. Hydrogen Kits for your car    kits for use on cars, trucks, trawlers, shipping, generators, mining and farming

Gen 20 in plastic enclosure - ideal for trucking systems and work vehicles
Gen 20 in system

4. Videos about HFS      Videos and applications of our systems, TV interviews about our systems, international market with HFS,  youtube videos

Gen 10 in aluminium

Gen 15 system for Germany

Gen 10 system for India

Gen 10 and 15 to India SRKAY
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